Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Middle School Writing Club

School is almost finished; kids are studying for finals; and I’m getting ready for my marathon visits to the elementary school to promote the summer program. One of the happiest moments is this Thursday. The Middle School Writing Club (mostly 8th graders) has been meeting regularly, twice a month, to work on poetry, fiction and nonfiction pieces, and even a picture book submission to Scholastic Publishers. This was an entry for a contest on the theme of environmental awareness. A group of eight girls wrote the text and drew the pictures for their book, The Boy Who Saved the World from His Own Backyard.
This Thursday is the unveiling of the final work product. All the students contributed to a "zine." Mrs. Susan Podgorski and I were the editors. It has been so much fun to work with these kids, see their enthusiasm, and to encourage their writing. ~Joyce Laiosa

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Mrs. Pod said...

Thank you Mrs. Laiosa for all you do for the students in our community.