Monday, September 12, 2011

School Daze

We can tell in the library that young people have started school. We've been seeing students come in with homework; others asking for books for new assignments. But the biggest difference is not seeing kids during the day. It feels quite lonely, if you must know!
Mrs. Brown and I had a little time off at the end of the summer. Most of my vacation was rainy - can you guess when that was? Oh well, I had a couple of nice days between Irene and Lee (hurricanes/tropical storms). There was a power outage when neighboring trees took down lines and a major transformer blew up! It was like a fireworks demonstration.
But it is time to begin storytimes again - we start next week; book discussions are coming up at the end of the month and into October. Don't forget the little ones with our Babygarten programs.
Lastly, kids still need to read for pleasure. Just because school has started, there should always be time for reading for enjoyment. We have a couple of different displays in the children's area. One is school stories, with all your favorites and some new books. The other display is picture book biographies. These are great for reading aloud, a little longer than most picture books, and filled with fascinating information. Check them out this week! ~Joyce Laiosa