Wednesday, September 03, 2008

School bells are ringing!

A new beginning, a new school year, a fresh start; these are my thoughts every September. I have some favorite school stories that I think everyone should read or reread every year. Start off with Officer Buckle and Gloria. Here is a story about safety (very important) and a story about friendship. It won the Caldecott Medal in 1996. John Lithgow narrates the film by Weston Woods which is so much fun to watch.

Check out another Peggy Rathmann title: Ruby the Copycat. Every child wants to succeed in school and Ruby is no exception. Unfortunately she takes it too far and almost loses her way. Ruby is so imaginative you will empathize with her creative solutions to being ‘just like Angela.’

Kevin Henkes is another author to check out. His titles range from Owen to Wemberly Worried to Chrysanthemum and his favorite mouse, Lily. Lily stars in a number of books. These titles all deal with children wanting the security of home, feeling unsure, coping with school and making friends. These books will help children understand the universality of their feelings and let parents open up a dialogue with children.

Come by the library for other school stories, all out on display. Reading every day is a great way to start off a new school year. ~Joyce Laiosa