Thursday, September 06, 2007

Found My Desk

Buried under all the work of the summer, booklists to review, and plans for the coming months was my desk. What a mess! I've been tossing paper, summer reading logs, and anything that looks old and tired (except me!) in the bin. Wonderful weather has made me pine for an outdoor job, but it is time to chase away the summer dust and begin a new creative plan. I love fall, warm sunny days, cool nights for sleeping and moon watching.

Back to work...I had a great bunch of babies and their mothers this morning for a lapsit. They were such a great group. Watching the babies made me miss my grandchildren, so I had to call and check up on them as soon as I had finished the stories/songs part of the program. I love singing to children and having them move to a beat, jump, wiggle, or clap and tap. I used a couple of new books: How Do you Make a Baby Smile? by Philomon Sturges and You and Me, Baby by Lynn Reiser. Wonderful books for babies! The best part of lapsits are the rhythm and rhymes to get kids moving. From "5 little monkeys," to "The Noble Duke of York," there was a rhyme for everyone. Of course, I had to do my favorite nursery rhyme, "Hey Diddle, Diddle." If you don't have a nursery rhyme book in the house, check out a whole bunch from the library and choose your favorite. Buy one, or better yet, let it be known to grandmas and grandpas that this would be a great gift! (And they always want to buy something, trust me.) Joyce Laiosa