Friday, June 13, 2008

Catch the Reading Bug

The summer reading program is about to start. There is so much going on, here at the library, that it is hard to make up one single document that tells everybody (all ages) about everything. This year we are advertising to the elementary school kids with a flyer, but the main program calendar is the “program calendar.” It can be printed off the SRP web page and posted on the refrigerator: every home’s bulletin board!

First and foremost is that registration is online for everyone. Just go to our web page at It can be done from home or the library beginning Monday, June 16th and no email address is necessary. The fun part of the registration is to keep track of the books and print off their list to bring to school in September. It’s a good way for everyone to keep track of their reading. So, as we say this year, “Catch the Reading Bug!”
Don’t forget to check out the major display table with easy picture books, readers, fiction and especially nonfiction books about bugs. From Charlotte’s Web to Diary of a Spider we hope you will bee sure to read.!

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