Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Reviews Galore!

The reviews continue to come in from the Voorheesville Middle School. Here are more that will make you want to read these books.

Park, Barbara. The Graduation of Jake Moon. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2000. Print.
In The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park, Jake’s grandfather, Skelly, has Alzheimer’s and complicates Jakes life in strange ways in a small town. Ever since Skelly was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Jake has had a hard time with school and friends or life in general.
Jake’s 8th grade graduation is another example of how Skelly is always in trouble. During his graduation Skelly goes on the stage and knocks everything over by accident. Then Jake goes and calms down Skelly and takes him off the stage. The age range of kids who would enjoy this book is 8-12 years old. You would also like this book if you wanted a quick read or you like funny books. ~Boden

Spinelli, Jerry. Crash. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2009. Print.
Have you ever known somebody who is really weird and just makes you mad? Well if you do, you can relate to Crash Coogan. Crash is a typical seventh grade football player, big, strong and obnoxious. He and his best friend Mike always bully his neighbor Penn Webb. Penn is a strange skinny Quaker from North Dakota.
Newbery-award-winner Jerry Spinelli nails life as a seventh grader on the head, with excellent descriptions and dialogue. Crash is forced to rethink his actions when a family crisis occurs. Will he tolerate Penn or stick to his old way? How will he react when he is neck and neck with Penn in the biggest race of the year? ~Bryson

Preller, James. Bystander. New York City: Fiewel and Friends, 2009. Print.
Will he stay the bystander or stand up against bullying. Find out when you read Bystander by James Preller. This story takes place on Long Island, New York, where, two boys Griffin and Eric are at a standoff. Eric has to decide: stay loyal or stand up to Griffin.
Bystander’s theme is coming of age. Eric has to come of age by standing up to Griffin. Eric needs to man up and teach Griffin how to treat others. I really liked this book. It made me think of how people treat each other. I think you should read this book if you are a bully, a bystander, or victim because it will inspire you to do the right thing. So, will you stay quiet or be loud and stand up for someone? ~Spencer

Giff, Patricia Rielly. Pictures of Hollis Woods. New York: Dell Yearling, 2002. Print.
Poor Hollis Woods thought she wasn’t going to stay in any foster home very long. That is going to change. When the agency brought Hollis to Miss Josie Cahill, she realized that Josie needed her help. Through flashbacks, Hollis shares what happened on the mountain on a hot summer day.
I recommend this book to ages 12-15 year olds. You will learn how Hollis made it through the life as an orphan in the book Pictures of Hollis Woods. Learn whic family she ends up staying with! ~Cameron

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