Saturday, January 28, 2012

What to read? Pay attention to readers!

I've got more reviews from the 7th graders at Voorheesville Middle School.

Preller, James. Six Innings. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2008. Print.
Do you enjoy baseball? Well if you do read Six Innings by James Preller. This book takes place in a little league baseball field. Sam Reiser is the main character. Sam has cancer and he can’t play in the championship game so he announces the game.
The coming of age moment for the main character Sam is he is going through a tough time. Sam realizes that he is growing now. The reason that I like this book is because it is not just about baseball. It has stories about a handful of the characters. It has a strong baseball setting throughout the book. ~David

Weeks, Sarah . So B. It. New York: Harper Collins Children Books, 2004. Print.
Imagine a 14-year-old girl traveling across the country by herself. A girl named Heidi is a strong-willed girl determined to find “soof”. Heidi lives in a small apartment with Bernadette and her mama who has a “bummed” brain.
Heidi comes of age when she gets over the fear of not being able know everything; when she leaves the house and travels alone to New York. I think this book is for people who enjoy a little bit of a mystery, a little sadness, and a thrilling adventure.~ Victoria

Connor, Leslie. Waiting for Normal. New York: Harper Collins Publisher, 2008. Print.
Waiting for Normal jumps out and grabs you. In this book by Schneider Family Book Award Winner Leslie Connor, Addie is growing up in her own little world. Addie has found herself in Schenectady, NY living in a bright yellow trailer. Addie is the main character of this story, very musical and plays the flute. She has to miss her concert because she is very scared that someone is going to see something that is hers.
This book is a very good book. She has to make some big decisions about who she wants to live with. It portrays the coming-of-age theme. Addie matures to become a young lady and takes matters into her own hand. People would like this book if they like surprises; because this book has many surprises that jump up and grab your attention.~Julia

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