Friday, March 13, 2009

Print Motivation with Twelve Terrible Things!

Print Motivation is an Early Literacy Skill that simply means that the book is so much fun, or exciting, or inviting a child will be ready to turn every page to continue the story. Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley is a perfect example of ‘Print Motivation.’ Inside the book, on the endpapers the reader is warned that turning the page will bring about some terrible things. Well, you have to turn the page now!

There really are twelve terrible things in the book, such as: things that are sad (empty ice cream cone with the scoop of ice cream on the ground); things that are scary (dentist? monster under the bed?); old relative pinching chubby cheeks; to a smelly sock (with the smelly foot still in it). It is funny, well drawn, with funny perspective on each spread. Have a good laugh, a good read with this book.~Joyce Laiosa

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