Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two More Days

The wait is almost over and I'm getting very excited. It looks like the library's Harry Potter Birthday Party is filled with a waiting list. It's hard to not be overwhelmed with publicity about the final installment of this series. Kids, adults, parents, teachers and librarians are filled with wonder. It's a wonder that this series caught on with the public - driven by children clamoring for the book. It's a wonder that our interests haven't waned as we waited. It's a wonder how rich J.K. Rowling is. It's a wonder if we'll all keep reading and looking for books about wizards, magic, war, love, death and life. As you are wondering - here are my thoughts. It is actually quite brilliant that this story caught the public's interest, children's interest and never left us. The movies kept nonreaders just as interested. Even if a young person outgrew the series, new readers found it. We all can find out how rich J.K. Rowling is almost anywhere you find information. (A librarian can find this very quickly!) The amazing thing isn't HOW rich, it is that she is richer than the Queen of England. That fact staggers me! And lastly, I am not worried that kids won't keep on reading. They will find books, or ask for recommendations, that will take them to the same places they've been with Harry Potter. No, they won't be at Hogwarts, but they will find it. After all, we found it. We found justice, cruelty and morality with Atticus Finch. Doesn't he remind you of Dumbledore? You can find wisdom, life, love and death with a spider named Charlotte and a friendship with a pig named Wilbur. You can find wonder with a boy named Peter and a place called Neverland. I could go on, and I might....but think of your favorite books and remember how it felt to close the book on the last page. If it was a great book, you were still thinking/crying, /laughing and thinking. Harry will live forever between the covers of his books, and in the hearts of readers.

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