Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Full Moon

Every time I see a full moon, I think of moon stories, moon landings and moon songs. I love looking at the moon and stars, especially on a clear night. Well, that means I should know something about the moon. I know some things and you should, too.

A brand new book will help you with moon landings. It's called Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon by Catherine Thimmesh. It is a book to linger over with great photographs and a fascinating plus well written text. I still remember where I was when Apollo 11 lifted off, and about the night they walked on the moon. You have to check out this book. It is a wonderful intergenerational book for the whole family to share. (Although my children are a bit tired of my memories of this great event!)

If your family is interested in the space program there are other books to read, most notably an award winning book from Sweden that has been translated into English. It is The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins by Bea Uusma Schyffert. It is a book that will keep younsters interested because of the mixture of photographs, technical line drawings, interesting text, plus quotes from Collins' own diaries and notes. It is very clever, and Michael Collins is ignored in many other books because de did NOT walk on the moon.

Alexandra Siy's Footprints on the Moon is filled with stunning photographs of the moon and from the moon. Lastly, I recommend Faith McNulty's If You Decide to Go to the Moon. The illustrations are by Steve Kellogg and bring the reader into the story of preparing for a trip to the moon. The information is all accurate about the moon and what you would need, and how you would get around on the moon.

There are many other books about flight, the history of the space program and books about the space station. Don't forget to look at biographies of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, too. I would also recommend one of my favorite movies - although my children tell me it is only OK and even a little boring. It is 'The Dish' starring Sam Neill. It is an Australian film, made in 2000, and very funny. It is about the huge satelite 'dish' (Parkes Radio Telescope) that played an important part of the moon landing. This dish was responsible for the television pictures the world watched. (There is a chapter on the dish in Team Moon.) Anyone who remembers the moon landing will enjoy the movie.

So whenever you look at the moon, remember the lucky astronauts who actually walked on it and check out some of these books. You won't be disappointed!

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