Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A new year brings thoughts of new beginnings, fresh starts, and organizing ourselves. What about keeping a journal of what you read this year? Don't make it long, just a simple list. Write down the title, author, nonfiction or fiction, and make a code of how well you liked it. I use a code of stars for really great books (I usually only give the very best books two stars), an "OK" if that is the best I can say about it, and a minus sign or "Ugh!" if I really didn't like it. My list helps me remeber all the books that I read, especially if someone asks me what I've read lately. I can never remember, unless the books are outstanding. Also, if I haven't read a book lately, I will notice that I haven't opened my list and that makes me pick out some good books to read, and to actually make the time to read.
A reading list is great for parents to encourage their children's reading and to offer praise in the form of special rewards. It might be a lunch out with a friend, or a museum pick with the family, a family game night (first pick) or something funny like a coupon for leaving a bed unmade. The list will be something to discuss with family and friends and something to save and look over at the end of the year. Start a new tradition today!

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Anonymous said...

It worked this time! I can see how it would be helpful for you. I need to ask my ladies if any of them do anything on the computer besides email.